Paradigm shift in the transport sector

We are facing a paradigm shift in the transport sector. We will replace the entire fossil-fueled vehicle fleet with green electricity, which is significantly better for the environment. But here we are faced with a bigger problem than just manufacturing new electric cars. We need to have a global charging infrastructure to both attract new electric car customers, but perhaps most importantly, charging stations need to be available to the same extent as gas stations.

There are also question marks as to whether we will use our cars in the same way as before. Because the need for transport will be as great in 10 years as it is today, but perhaps we will be more positive towards carpools, work more from home and through there have less need to own a car. Maybe we carpool more.

This is a lot of questions and a lot of possibilities. We may also increase our need for car dependence, carpool less, work from home less. We may have one car per person and household. By this I mean that we still do not have 100% control over our electricity consumption. However, we know that we must change our behavior if we are to achieve our environmental goals.

For the charging infrastructure, it also applies that all heavy transport is electrified. Here, separate charging stations are required that enable larger trucks to easily charge their vehicle.

Electrified heavy transport

So what is required is more than being able to sell electric cars is a collaboration across several authorities and industries. Production of electric cars at a lower price that private customers can afford to the integration of charging boxes in all new houses and apartments to smart software for EV car charging.

This needs to be done:

  • Bring down the price of electric cars so that people can afford to buy an electric car
  • Expand the charging infrastructure
  • Software companies must cooperate with hardware manufacturers so that electric car chargers work more flexibly.
  • It must be easy and safe to charge your electric car along the road. More traditional electric car charging stations.

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