FEFLOW – Finite Element Subsurface Flow and Transport Simulation Groundwater Modelling Software

Finite Element Subsurface Flow and Transport Simulation System – FEFLOW is a software package for modeling fluid flow and transport of dissolved constituents and/or heat transport processes in the subsurface. FEFLOW is a completely integrated system from simulation engine to graphical user interface including also a public programming interface for user code.

ESI is pleased to announce the release FEFLOW 6—a complete redesign of the trusted FEFLOW groundwater software. The release follows an intensive public beta-testing phase that began immediately after the first public presentation of the new user interface at the DHI-WASY FEFLOW conference last September and involved more than 200 committed testers.

Looking at its 30-year history, it is probably fair to say that FEFLOW pioneered the fully integrated graphical user interface for subsurface modeling software. Over the years, its computation capabilities have evolved to allow successful application to an increasing variety of problems. This is true in terms of physical processes as well as concerning the spatial and temporal scales, now spanning a range from millimeters to several hundred kilometers, and from fractions of a second to thousands of years, respectively.

Today, the design of FEFLOW 6 strictly separates the numerical code (simulation kernel) from accompanying client code such as the graphical user interface.  The FEFLOW kernel interfaces are designed for speed and effectiveness to handle very large models comfortably and with excellent performance.  The encapsulation of the data transfer between clients and kernel is a key prerequisite so that in a future version client applications and the FEFLOW kernel may run on different computers.  The raw simulator functionality of the new FEFLOW kernel not only allows specialized client applications for customers with limited user interaction, but also greatly benefits the integration of FEFLOW into combined and complex modeling packages. Public interfaces such as OpenMI can be easily implemented to complement the optimised internal FEFLOW interfaces.

Utilising the Qt toolkit and OpenGL graphics technology, the FEFLOW 6 user interface represents a break with the FEFLOW appearance that had become familiar to many users over the years. To ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, the new design keeps all functionality accessible whenever possible—the user interface remains interactive even during simulation. Multiple automatically updating and interactive views are available for mesh design, model editing, and simulation monitoring. As is predecessor versions, FEFLOW 6 provides extensive GIS support, now integrated with powerful visualization capabilities including custom 2D and 3D animations.


FEFLOW Software Facts:

FEFLOW contains pre- and post processing functionality and an efficient simulation engine. A user-friendly graphical interface provides easy access to the extensive modeling options.
FEFLOW – in contrast to some of the competing products – is not a graphical front end for a separately developed simulation kernel. It is a completely integrated system from simulation engine to graphical user interface. It includes a public programming interface for user code.
FEFLOW is developed by DHI-WASY GmbH, a German company. DHI-WASY’s areas of expertise encompass groundwater hydrology, surface water hydrology and geographic information systems. In these fields, DHI-WASY provides software, training and consulting services.
FEFLOW is used by leading research institutes, universities, consulting firms and government organisations all over the world. Its scope of application ranges from simple local-scale to complex large-scale simulations.

FEFLOW software is suitable for numerous different applications in flow and transport processes simulation in porous media, ranging from lab scale to continental scale.

FEFLOW Software Applications:

  • Study of pollutant dispersion
  • Evaluate remediation and decontamination strategies
  • Study of groundwater drawdown and rise in mining areas
  • Mine dewatering studies
  • Survey of saltwater intrusion
  • Isotope calculation for detection of groundwater age
  • Design of geothermal power plants (HDR, heat pump systems)
  • Coupled groundwater/surface water simulation with Mike11 and Hydro_AS-2D
  • Geotechnical applications (tunnel construction, construction site dewatering)
  • Calculation of dam seepage
  • Soil-column calculations
  • Infiltration calculation
  • Assessment of availability of groundwater resources
  • Estimation and control of strategies for groundwater management
  • Design of well-head protection zones
  • Studies for environmental impact assessments
  • Design of groundwater monitoring programs
  • Applications in research

For extending the built-in capabilities of FEFLOW software, its open programming interface IFM offers nearly unlimited possibilities.

FEFLOW Software Features:

  • Finite-element discretisationMesh 2
  • Flexible mesh generators
  • GIS/CAD interface
  • Up-to-date visualization tools
  • Sophisticated solvers
  • Parallel computing
  • Advanced modelling package
  • Commercial software
  • High-level support
  • Benchmark simulations
  • Open Programming Interface

Prices include installation kit (DVD, manuals), dongle, licence, and 12 months Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA). SMA is the annual fee for support services and updates.

Feature Level
Annual SMA
2D flow F2
2D flow and mass transport FM2
3D flow F3
3D flow and mass transport FM3
3D flow and heat transport FH3
3D flow, mass and heat transport FMH3


Network License (concurrent use) – FEFLOW may be installed on any number of computers, while the license is installed on a central license server within the network (LAN or WAN). Please contact us now for more details and a quote.

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