Create a joint and solidarity electricity supply to tackle the energy crisis

Ahead of today’s informal summit in Prague, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has announced that there may be a temporary cap on energy prices – at the same time that the Union will rely on, among other things, joint gas purchases to tackle energy needs. The Left Party’s Malin Björk welcomes several of the Commission’s proposals.

– It is high time to tackle the issue of electricity prices. At the same time, the current energy market model, where private players make huge profits at the expense of individual consumers, cannot continue. We must have a common and solidarity-based electricity supply and energy pricing, says Malin Börk.

She also underlines the connection between fossil energy and the climate crisis:

– There must be an end to dependence on fossil fuels. Fossil gas can never be sustainable, no matter where it comes from. Let this be the occasion when we invest once and for all in green energy sources!

And there is no doubt that there needs to be an end to fossil fuels. But we must produce electricity to a greater extent before we phase out fossil fuels. Today, far from everyone drives an electric vehicle and the price of electric cars must also fall in order for us to be able to attract new electric car customers.

In order to phase out fossil fuels, we must:

  • Expand the charging infrastructure
  • Create more and cheaper green electricity
  • Lower the price of electric cars
  • Make it possible for more people to charge for electric car charging

Therefore, in some countries, safe nuclear power must be reintroduced and when solar and wind are not enough. Otherwise, we will not solve the climate issue.

What do you think about nuclear power and do you think we can reach the climate issue and the climate goals without nuclear power?

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