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The European Ground Source Heat Pump Association (EGSHPA) was founded as a non-profit making association and built with the aim of communicating to the industry and consumers the benefits of a new form of renewable energy. EGSHPA is the ideal bridging point between the latest green energy technologies and the people who benefit from these developments. The association aims to provide technical and industry specific news across all EU member states, in order to overcome the challenges faced by the industry in the development of GSHP for cooling and heating applications.

The association also aims to partner and join forces with other relevant bodies that can help move the industry forward, instilling consumer confidence and delivering a compelling case for this excellent alternative energy source.

The web site was created to provide a portal to post industry news, it is interactive, reactive and a constant form of knowledge enhancement. EGSHPA aims to be the one stop reference point for those looking to break into the industry and those already working at ground level in functions from consultancy and design to installation and management. EGSHPA is providing a vibrant platform for industry news and announcements. We are constantly populating our online offering with value-driven content and now hope to forge alliances with other organistions and become a conduit for information, and general industry interaction.


Technical and Industry Knowledge
Dale Holdback is the founder & CEO of GeoPro Design, technical adviser at EGSHPA and a member of the IMechE. With 10 years experience within the GSHP industry and having seen the damage created by untrained or incompetent installers across the industry, Dale has been the driving force to establish a new association offering a portal for geothermal knowledge sharing and information.
Head of Finance
Richard Layton is a chartered accountant with over eight years experience in the energy sector. Having qualified with the global accountancy firm Deloitte in 2002, Richard has spent over five years working for BP plc as an international tax manager. Richard brings a wealth of cross-border energy experience to the association and has a keen interest in alternative and renewable energy.
Head of Media and Marketing
Nathan Berkley has over 20 years experience in running a media business. His role in to ensure the offer to our members and the wider geothermal community is targeted, accessible and adding value. Nathan’s aim is to expand our knowledge offer and build a wider community through our website, magazine and social media communications.

Sub Editor and Writer
Paul Kilby has worked with large companies helping them lower their packaging use, Paul now works as a free lance writer. Throughout his career he has been involved in many green issues, including the Packaging Waste Regulations 1997 and the switch from foam to paper packaging in a large multi national fast food corporation. Nowadays he divides his time between writing about green issues and Spanish governance. He stated aim is to help develop closer ties between the two.

Our communication channels of choice are the web, social media and other more traditional forms of communication such as magazines, newsletters and conferences. As the way we communicate changes with advances in technology and the industry itself grows, it is our goal to keep our members connected, active and informed.

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EGSHPA works together with a number of players in a cooperative partnership to provide up-to-date news about the sector and providing insights into the global geothermal energy sector. We are always looking for more industry co operation so please contact us.

Advisory board EGSHPA is currently looking for members to be part of our panel, whose function will be to move the vision forward and help advise members and consumers about the positives of the industry. Please email us if you re interested in becoming part of EGSHPA´s team.

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